Hummingbird Festival

okay, so we went to the hummingbird festival. We saw lots of cool stuff, but sadly I  only took pictures of the awesome birds from the Pueblo Raptor Center. In my defense, I got some REALLY good images.

Zoo with Alice

Today was a great day for the Zoo. Alice had a good time, and we all enjoyed the new Encounter Africa enclosure. We stopped by Dickies for dinner and all enjoyed some good BBQ.

Territory Days

Memorial Day weekend means Territory days. The birds are all part of “HawkQuest”.

Bald Eagles of Fountain Valley School

A friend took me on the campus today to see the eagle’s nest. Both were there, and we were able to get a glimpse of both babies. I got caught changing settings and “chimping” and missed one of them take off from its perch! next time, next time.

Lazy circles in the sky

My favorite pair of Hawks are back on their nest near my office. He did his usual behavior, yell at me a few times and then circle overhead to see what I was up to. I don’t think they have laid eggs yet, both were on the move at the same time.