Snowy Day Herons

I went over to the lake at lunch yesterday. There was a gentle snow coming down, and three herons were on the same end of the lake. They were more interested in the fisherman’s stringers than me, so I managed to get pretty close.

Beaver Sighting

We met downtown to walk the dogs after work. We saw out first beaver of the year. He/She was a baby, really small. We’ll try and get back down there at dusk this weekend and see if we can see how many are in this years “litter”. The Heron let me watch him for a little while, no koi while I was watching. Taylor took the dogs pictures, with my 7D and 40mm.

Herons on the Lake

Spring means the return of the Great Blue Herons. They nest along a nearby creek, and fish this lake near my office during the day. There is one shot with a guys head in the foreground. The Heron had noticed his stringer of trout and was doing his best to get it. I included that shot to illustrate how close he got to the guy and his stringer of fish. The shots with the Heron on the dock, I just thought those were funny.

Lazy circles in the sky

My favorite pair of Hawks are back on their nest near my office. He did his usual behavior, yell at me a few times and then circle overhead to see what I was up to. I don’t think they have laid eggs yet, both were on the move at the same time.

My first Great Blue Heron of 2013

This morning while I was capturing the sunrise at Quail Lake, I saw my first heron of the year. I went back and lunch and watched as he caught two trout. Lots of good ones in here, and lots of ones best seen in a series. So I apologize in advance for the number of images in the gallery.

A Beaver and a Heron walk into a bar….

It was a good night at the pond in the park. The Heron found a great spot over a pump head to fish. He got himself a nice fat Koi. The Beaver was out as well, and had plenty of observers. All in all, a good night.