A Beaver and a Heron walk into a bar….

It was a good night at the pond in the park. The Heron found a great spot over a pump head to fish. He got himself a nice fat Koi. The Beaver was out as well, and had plenty of observers. All in all, a good night.

The Hawk Nest

It’s most likely our last sunny day for a few days so I went to the hawk nest today. The male now has a fairly predictable behavior when I show up. He voices his opinion, goes back and forth across the nest, then circles overhead, sometimes pretty close. He really does need to unwad his panties, I am across a fairly large creek.

Flowers, Herons, and Monument Valley Park

Today we pretty much forced ourselves to go walk one of Roxy’s favorite places. Monument Valley Park was a great walk for her, nice and flat. It was easy on the 2 pinned knees she had! Plus it’s loaded with squirrels, ducks, and geese. Some of my favorite flowers were blooming in the garden.