American White Pelicans

There have been some Pelicans hanging out at Fountain Creek Nature Center. I went down there at lunch today. I guess I can probably blame “finding nemo”, whenever I do a pelican voice in my head, it has to have an Australian accent.

Red Tailed Hawk Nest

Pretty sure this is the nest. I did, before I had my camera in my hands, get to see the hawks run off a Great Blue Heron who had landed in the tree near the nest. Always fun to see a blue heron land on a tree limb, all wings and legs.

Blue Heron on a Grey Day

I was at Quail Lake for Lunch, the Herons were both there. I swear my wife has talked to these two birds, every time I get within 50′ they fly away. I managed to sneak up on one down in the corner by the dock.

Various shots from the week

I was out looking for hawks on thursday, I got a glimpse of one who bolted when he saw me. He’s flying away from me but I still like the color in his tail. The crow was in the park, I thought he had a peanut. I guess the crow thinks he’s a raptor. The sunset tonight was nice, as was the moonset.