American White Pelicans

There have been some Pelicans hanging out at Fountain Creek Nature Center. I went down there at lunch today. I guess I can probably blame “finding nemo”, whenever I do a pelican voice in my head, it has to have an Australian accent.

Bald Eagles of Fountain Valley School

A friend took me on the campus today to see the eagle’s nest. Both were there, and we were able to get a glimpse of both babies. I got caught changing settings and “chimping” and missed one of them take off from its perch! next time, next time.

Beaver Pond at Night

On the way home from seeing the Williamson’s at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, we stopped by the beaver pond. Across the creek from the pond is the Colorado College field. They had the lights on tonight, and the trees around the pond still had leaves. It was like the largest light painting ever.

Red Tailed Hawk Nest

Pretty sure this is the nest. I did, before I had my camera in my hands, get to see the hawks run off a Great Blue Heron who had landed in the tree near the nest. Always fun to see a blue heron land on a tree limb, all wings and legs.