Yost Arena Tour

If you came here looking for images from my recent tour of Yost Arena, I was asked by the University to take them down. It seems they don’t want any images posted that the sports information department did not approve of or supply. And since I know how it is, everybody has a boss, the last thing I want to do is get someone who did something nice for me in trouble. However, I’d like to let the university know, my 10 images got viewed over 12 THOUSAND times in three days. If anybody from Michigan reads this, contact me-I will happily supply you with my images. I am sure we can work something out.

to everyone else, thanks for taking the time to come looking. Come back again some time or give me a follow, I post lots of images.

Denver vs the USA Under 18 Team

I went up to Denver Friday night and had the privilege of shooting the DU vs U18 game. Thanks to Mark T. for the ride up, Nick for the hospitality, and Joe Z. for the best damn roast beef sandwich I have had in a while. Enjoy the shots and let me know what you think via comments.