Beaver Sighting

We met downtown to walk the dogs after work. We saw out first beaver of the year. He/She was a baby, really small. We’ll try and get back down there at dusk this weekend and see if we can see how many are in this years “litter”. The Heron let me watch him for a little while, no koi while I was watching. Taylor took the dogs pictures, with my 7D and 40mm.

Sometimes you gotta have a little Faith

today we ended up at the Humane Society. Next thing you know we are headed home with a little cocker spaniel named Faith. Roxy’s spirit guided us there to make sure this little gal got a home. So far so good, on monday we’ll get her checked out by the vet. We’ll also keep working on her coat, she is a mess and so far we have what will probably be the first of three passes done.

Saying Goodbye to Our Roxy

“Remington’s rambunctious Roxy” came to us 15 years ago. We rescued her from a less than ideal home. The plan was to take her and find her a good home. Little did we know at the time but ours was the right home. Remington and she were best buddies from the start. We’ll never forget Remi and Moose walking along the bay with roxy between the two of them. She was the quintessential Cocker Spaniel, loved everyone and would get her wiggle on for any snack you offered. When we lost Remi, she was heart broken. We got Brady not too long after that, and once she showed Brady the ropes she let him take over. For the past 2 years she has been on a lot of meds for her congestive heart failure. This Morning we lost Roxy, in the best of all places. At home, at the foot of our bed, where she deserved to leave this world. She died in my arms, and I thank her for that. Everyone got to say goodbye. She’s in a better place now, her knees are good as new, her heart can pump and pump, and Remi was there waiting for her. God better keep his wastebaskets empty, even at 15 she would still raid them for any scrap of paper she could find. We don’t know what we will do without her, it just won’t be the same without those giant brown eyes meeting us at the door. She’s in a better place and we know it, it’s just do damn hard. I went through my albums and pulled some of my favorite images. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and for enjoying these images.

Norman, Laurie, Taylor and Brady Hayward

Family Fun Day

we took off around 11am and headed west. We had lunch in BV, then took off south (and some more west) for St. Elmo. St. Elmo’s general store had 4 hummingbird feeders and the most insane flock of hummingbirds. One even flew right into Brady! After there we stopped along Chalk Creek for some great water shots. Then it was down through Salida and back home along highway 50 and the Arkansas river. All in all, a great day.