Hummingbird Festival

okay, so we went to the hummingbird festival. We saw lots of cool stuff, but sadly I  only took pictures of the awesome birds from the Pueblo Raptor Center. In my defense, I got some REALLY good images.

Zoo with Alice

Today was a great day for the Zoo. Alice had a good time, and we all enjoyed the new Encounter Africa enclosure. We stopped by Dickies for dinner and all enjoyed some good BBQ.

A Castle and some Raptors

Bishop’s castle and the pueblo raptor center were on the agenda for the day. Scott is in town, and he enjoyed the castle. The shot from the raptor center with the kestrel on the enclosure wall, he would do that to you if you got too close to the chicken wire. scared the crap out of us at first, and then turned into a game. the greeter cat, he has the loudest purr ever. he can be heard from 10 yards away.