I’ve always been looking for creative outlets. Not too long ago I was able to get a DSLR for the first time, so now I have the right tool for the job. I’ll post some pictures of the things I see on my travels around Colorado and wherever else I go. Be it the mountains, a hockey tournament, or the local flower patch. The girls are soooo happy now that daddy has a camera, in means we stop A LOT more often. I hope you enjoy the pictures, feel free to leave a comment or two.  thank you for taking a look, and check back often.

if you would like to use one of my images, please ask. I am sure we can work something out.

Norman Hayward

aka “big man”

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Norman, I am so impressed with your photography. You have taken some wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was at Team USA U-17 Tournament and watched you taking pictures. I was taking pictures too next to you. I am most definitely sure that I’m not a photographer but YOU CERTAINLY ARE! Love the pictures!! You captured perfect shots, incredible. I’m sold on you bigmanwithacamera! THANKS THANKS AND THANKS AGAIN!!

      1. Your are welcome Christine, you should have said hello-I am a very nice guy, I just look scary. I should get some more pics of the U18 team when they come to Colorado, and maybe the U17 team at the world challenge-if I am lucky. other than that, keep coming back for some more wildlife and scenery from the Colorado area.

  2. Hello Norman, I’ve just dropped in from Julie Goyder’s blog. I must say that I understand all of the reasons you gave in your very detailed explanation; and although I agree with everything you’ve said, I feel I must point out the fact that I came to this posting to learn “About” the person behind the camera – why you see what you see – not to ask for anything – never mind for free. May I suggest a separate posting explicitly for such requests? (Might keep those kind of people “in their place”; ) Thanks for sharing your photography, D.

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