Lighting to the East

A friend of mine posted some great lighting clips from up on the ridge. It was time to walk the dogs so I tagged along, provided we walked up on the ridge. It was one of those nights where the photography gods were smiling on me. All three of these shots are just cropped to 16×9. Each one the lighting was damn near dead center on my lens. Damn lucky since I had my 70-200 on the camera!

4 thoughts on “Lighting to the East

  1. I just got a new camera about a month ago (a Canon EOS Rebel T5i) and I’m a complete “newbie” when it comes to all the equipment and terms and numbers and, well, everything. Thanks for posting how you take your photos – gives me lots of ideas.

    1. Sue, you are very welcome. I learn a TON from some great podcasts I listen to. the digital photo experience, the digital story, this week in photography, I shoot raw, and the improve photography podcast. All of those can be found on itunes, and each one also posts on their web sites.

      lightning is not hard. camera, wider lens, tripod, and a remote if you have one. Put the camera in bulb mode, f10, iso 100. point it the right way, and hold the button down for around 30 sec. If its a really active storm, sometimes you can get multiple strikes. If its not, I usually let go of the button when I get one. If you don’t have a remote, do the 2 sec delay, and set the camera for a 30 sec shutter time.

    1. dial your shutter all the way down. it should change to a “B”. or if you have a canon DSLR, its right next to the M on the Dial, B for bulb.

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