okay, so feel free to make fun of me for offering hats for sale BEFORE I offer any images. These hats were done for me by Doug May at wsgear.com. Doug is an awesome guy who can get you pretty much anything with a logo on it, as well as a plethora of other services. anyway, back to the hats. I have one of each color shown except the black ones, there are 4

of those. If you want a hat, they are 20.00 each (that includes shipping). since my site is a wordpress.com site, I can’t sell off of here via ecommerce. So we will have to do this the old fashioned way, send me 20 bucks and I’ll send you a hat. Let me know what color, and it will be first come first served. If we get enough interest, we’ll make some more.

4 thoughts on “HATS!!!

  1. Hey………………..Want a hat however want to say coming from a studio photography family………….Grandpa and Father…….get your pics out and sell them….find a place to have an expo…..You do have talent….You have an Eye…..if wildlife is your thing get it done.

  2. You didn’t tell me there was a cool checkered FLAMES one! Very nice. And yes – it’s time to put pics up for sale. You CAN have an ecommerce site via WordPress. Yes. Ask someone who knows…

    1. my site is hosted, so I can’t use that cool plugin you sent me. I need to look at moving off of wordpress.com.

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